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Introduction to Non-Commutative Geometry

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I gave a course of lectures at the ESI in Vienna on Non-Commutative Geometry in October 2022. The draft lecture notes are uploaded here. A similar series of lectures will be given at the Galileo Galilei Institute June 12-16th 2023.

Chapters: 1. Introduction 2. Fuzzy spaces with symmetry 3. Commutative analogues 4. Dirac operator 5. Real structures 6. Real spectral triples 7. Standard model charges 8. Standard Model masses 9. The fuzzy sphere 10. The fuzzy torus (+4 more chapters to come)

The old October version is here for those that did the coursework.

Please let me know any corrections or improvements via email.

Written by johnwbarrett

4 October 2022 at 10:57

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