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I’m professor of mathematical physics at the University of Nottingham, and lead the mathematical physics research group there.

My research work is mainly about quantum gravity and associated mathematical themes from quantum topology. I have branched out into other topics related to gravity – most notably the “non-commutative” geometry of the standard model of particle physics.

Our mathematics building is the white building behind the George Green library with a large golf ball on the end.

The famous mathematical physicist George Green lived and worked in Nottingham. He was a miller; his windmill can be seen from the top of the hill behind the maths building, from where this picture was taken. Walking onto the hill to see his workplace is always a source of inspiration (and a reminder that the internet is but a luxury). Some interesting material from an exhibition about George Green is preserved here.

Green's windmill

Green’s windmill


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22 April 2010 at 21:07

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