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The spin foam lectures

Jan 2013 UNAM Mexico version:

  • Lecture 1: Introductory and spin networks.  Slides
  • Lecture 2: State sum models. Slides
  • Lecture 3: 3d spin foam models. Slides
  • Lecture 4: 4d spin foam models. Slides

The first lecture is the same as Caen (minor corrections) but the remaining ones are new.

September 2010, Caen version:

Previously given September 2009, Corfu, except lecture 1b is new. The lecture series is supported by FQXi.

State sum models, induced gravity and the spectral action.

December 2009, IHES slides of the first, brief, talk

May 2010, Bayrischzell slides of a longer talk with more detail of the proposals

May 2010, Oxford: video of the latest version of the talk, with some detail of the 2-category diagrams explaining the geometry-matter interaction in 3d (currently under development with Catherine Meusburger).

State sum models of quantum gravity.

June 2009, Wroclaw video and slides of the talk about the 4d state sum models of quantum gravity (for video, scroll down to #6). The talk starts with a general introduction to the ideas of spin foam models.

March 2011, Queen Mary, updated version of the slides of this talk, with pictures.

Knots and links in braided quantum field theory.

August 2008, Oxford, video of blackboard talk. I explain some aspects of braided quantum field theory: how it is a generating function of knots and links, and also a little about the relation to 3d quantum gravity.  The physics is first. If you want the mathematical part, fast-forward to where I clear the board.

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